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October 12, 2017

Colorful Moonshiners To Reputable Craft Distillers: An Inside Look - 10/12/2017

The craft sprits movement is alive and well in North Carolina, but the state hasn’t always made it easy!  John Trump, author of Still & Barrel: Craft Sprits in the Old North State, Rebecca Lassiter, cofounder of Lassiter Distilling Company, and Melissa  Katrincic of Durham Distillery will share an inside look at distilling in NC—its rich and colorful history, current legislation, and an inside look at the women distillers.  A tasting is on the agenda!

November 1, 2017
Storytelling Application Deadline
Our December program will focus on stories—your stories of holiday traditions, experiences, challenges, or memories—and our storytellers will be you!    We invite you to share your holiday story.  View the details and complete the application located here by November 1 in order to participate.


November 9, 2017

Living Intentionally - 11/9/2017

To live with Intention requires Passion, Productivity, and Prosperity.  This session will show you how to discover your passion, how to be productive in the ways that matter, and how prosperity positions you for abundance.  From a difficult childhood, to a hospital executive and finally, to living her passion as a business speaker, consultant, and coach, Patti Fralix has lived a full life.  Her stories and lessons will inspire you to discover your passion, productivity, and prosperity.   

December 14, 2017

Holiday Stories
Our December program will focus on stories - your stories of your holiday traditions, experiences, challenges or memories - and our storytellers will be you! Learn how to be part of the program here.

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